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hardie_fencingHardie Fence is one of the most popular fencing solutions in Perth Metro, and we're so proud of the expertise we have in supplying and installing this type of products.

When you’re looking out for fencing style in WA, you want to look for reasonable and competitive pricing, experienced fence installers, and long-lasting results. Attempting a do-it-yourself approach is not always the best option especially if you are mindful about quality, durability, security and privacy. If your fence is installed incorrectly, it can fall apart, rot, and would even require a lot of time, money and effort for maintenance than a professionally installed fence.

Generally, hardie fence is an excellent option whether your property is flat or sloped. This system is partly buried in the ground and topped off with metal capping, and the result is a durable, free-standing fence. Ready to hire us to handle your hardie fencing projects? Call us at 0433 236 795 or click here to request for a free quote.

The Benefits of Installing Hardie Fencing Perth

hardiefenceThis type of fence is incredibly convenient as it looks great on both sides, keeping both you and your neighbours satisfied with the appearance. It can also be painted in a variety of colours to suit your liking, or preferences. You can never go wrong with hardiefencing Perth by Wa Profencing.

HardieFences are becoming more and more popular in WA, and here’s why:

✔Fast Installation - This type of fencing solutions does not require you to dig post holes in the ground and wait on concrete to cure before installation – it can quickly and efficiently be installed into sandy soil. This also eliminates the excess time needed to wait for concrete to recover, because that is not a necessary step with a Hardie Fencing installation.

✔ Enhances the Beauty & Value of your Home - Installing Hardie fence will not only improve the beauty of your home but will also increase its value. In case you decide to sell your property later on, you can be sure that its selling value will be good. Keep in mind that home improvements like fencing adds value to any property.

✔ Safe and Secure - This fence posts less, which means that it is designed without any sharp edges, nails, or protruding bolts, making it very safe for adults and children to be around. Another benefit of this product is the weed prevention border it creates. Since this fence goes into the ground and is put together with overlapping sheets, it also creates a seamless interlocking design that can protect against any weeds that might otherwise grow under your fence.

✔ Hazard Resistant - The Hardie EasyLock feature resists damage from rotting, fires, and even termite. This is one of the most amazing and remarkable features of hardiefence.

✔100% Australian Inspired Fencing - This type of fence is well suited for sandy soil on either sloping or flat sites or level residential sites, in Western Australia where a durable, free-standing wall is required.

✔ Eco-Friendly & Cost Efficient - Hardie fence is one of the most eco-friendly and cost-efficient types of fencing and no wonder why Perth homeowners prefer it over other fencing products.


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For the highest quality and affordable hardie fence solutions in Perth, contact WA Profencing - and we will happily work closely with you from planning to installation, ensuring that you get the excellent fencing result that suits your property, preferences, schedule and budget. No gimmick. No fuss.

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Why Should You Choose WA Pro Fencing To Install Your Hardie Fence

There are a lot of fencing experts to choose from in Perth, so what makes us different?

✔ Experience - At WA Pro Fencing, we have been servicing the Perth metropolitan area for over five years, and we have completed over 620 installations of the HardieFence system.

✔ Eco-Friendly - One of the best things about HardiFence fencing is that it does not contain asbestos or other corrosive substances. The compact, fibrous layers it obtains are chemically inactive and doesn't drain substances in the surfaces. Here at WA Pro Fencing - we aim to provide the highest quality and eco-friendly fencing to Perth homes for nearly a decade now.

✔ Cost-Effective - We provide high quality and affordable hardie fencing solutions in Perth.

✔ Reliable - Whether you need a small residential fence or a massive commercial project completed, we can handle it. Our innovative, high quality, and flexible fencing and gate types give you the opportunity to customise your space.

✔ Fully Licensed - Our team is fully licensed and insured. Our experience ensures long-lasting fences that require as little maintenance as possible to help save you money in the long run.

✔ Availability - We are available to handle any types of fencing projects from Monday to Saturday. You can contact us by phone or email.

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